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Counseling Cost

Counseling Cost

Counseling Cost

The donations we receive for services rendered are set by the client as each individual depends on the Lord's leading in this matter. We see clients from all walks of life and diverse income levels. Some are between jobs.

However, we still want to make our services available to all. Do not let lack of funds prevent you from contacting us.

If the Lord wants it to happen, a workable solution will be found that is agreeable to all. We follow the principle "according to what a man . . . can afford" found in Leviticus 27:8.

If you are unsure as to what would be an appropriate amount you might consider the following suggestions:

  • *Your insurance co-pay for state-licensed mental health services
  • *One percent of your monthly net (take-home) income per session
  • (Example: 1% of $2,500/month would be $25 per session)
  • *Hourly rate for state-licensed mental health services (usually above $90 per session)
  • *1 ½ times your current rate of pay per hour